The world of Speech Recognition technology is redefining the dynamics of the way humans interact with computers. It has authorized the “Voice” of the user to transact with machines as if they are speaking to another human through interaction.

In this area of barrier-less communication, Speech Recognition based Virtual Assistant is helping business enterprises in offering top-notch interaction service to its clientele by eliminating redundant and time- consuming processes.

What is Virtual Assistant?

It is a software driven product which lets the user access support system to carry out a range of transactions such as accessing information and modifying personal details in a voice-based environment. It eliminates the need for a human presence at the other end as it extends quick response in a conversational mode.

Thousands of companies around the world have been using Virtual Assistant aided solutions as a strategy to customer satisfaction and retention. It has helped business enterprises to strengthen customer support systems and offer timely responses to customers seeking help through an interface such as mobile or web-based app.

For companies contemplating on inducting Virtual Assistant aided solutions to automate interaction with customers, the following factors must be considered before signing a solutions provider.

Checklist for choosing a Virtual Assistant solutions provider

  • Availability of multiple Speech Recognition based products under one roof help the enterprise in gauging the expertise of the service provider
  • A study of previous implementations and the success levels of such projects
  • Post-sales or post-implementation support is a crucial factor
  • The provider should be well versed with offering support in multiple languages and dialects
  • The ability of the provider to offer customized solutions and hassle-free execution
  • Service providers who’ve worked with multiple industries will always have an upper hand in areas of deployment and assistance


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