The Multi-Fold Benefits of Deploying Voice Biometrics for Enterprises

The field of Biometrics has been reshaping the way enterprises simplify and secure critical information and offer access solutions to customers and users. Voice Biometrics has paved way for hassle-free authentication of users, in a fool-proof manner. What makes Voice Biometrics fool-proof? The voice characteristics of every human are exclusive, making it a unique proposition for businesses to use this trait of speech to verify and provide access to users. The algorithm-driven voice-based biometrics is secure and offers non-compromising solutions for the organization. The system validates the characteristics in the natural speech to…Read more »

Meet Uniphore at Philippine International Banking Convention 2014

To drive growth and innovation in the Philippine banking industry, the Asian Banker is organizing the Philippine International Banking Convention (PIBC) in Manila, on 29th August 2014. In its consecutive fourth year, PIBC is promising to be a place that highlights innovative developments in the banking industry and showcase best practices followed by peers across the world. This event also serves as an eye-opener for bankers to unknot the challenges of financial inclusion, regulatory compliance, sustainability and competitiveness. 1028Read more »

Comparison of 4 Biometrics Technologies – Voice, Fingerprint, Iris, Face

A leading information security publication claims that a whopping 17.2 million debit and credit cards had to reissued by 58 member institutions at an estimated spend of $172 million in the wake of data breach at a leading American retail company! Why did this happen?   The reason is astoundingly simple: customer information along with their sensitive debit / credit card details were leaked (or stolen)!   Customer bank account security aspects were entrusted to digital characters and numbers that can easily be copied, transferred and reused with or without the consent from…Read more »

Banks in Middle East evaluate Voice Biometrics to solve 21st century cyber threats

Long gone the days of traditional banking where customers wait in long queues just to meet their bank teller and get their transactions processed. In 2010, over 60% of customers had never used mobile banking, but that number is expected to fall to 37.7% by 2015, according to a leading IT consulting firm’s customer survey. Today we are living in the generation of digital natives where we get to do almost everything in one simple touch, thanks to smart phones and tablets for this. Because these high tech gadgets in our hands have…Read more »

[Video] How Lending Companies & MFIs in India use Mobility to Increase Productivity and Reduce Fraud

It’s no secret:  Lending institutions in India are struggling - relying on an unproductive fieldforce for business development and customer service. These field agents are daunted by the slow process of manually collecting customer information, transmitting it to the office for processing, then waiting for approval. Such labour-intensive data processes also cost businesses time and money. To stay competitive, you must be responsive to employees and customers at all times, while constantly overcoming logistical barriers. This requires a powerful fieldforce automation tool that connects your people, processes and technology together to achieve accurate…Read more »

The Only Solution for the Indian Insurance Market: Voice-based mobility

Over the last 10 years, the value of the Indian insurance industry has grown at a compounded annual rate of around 20%. Nevertheless, today, there are several issues inhibiting the continued expansion of the sector. One major concern is the high cost of onboarding and serving customers across the nation, given infrastructure deficiencies and linguistic complexities. Furthermore, fraud is on the rise, causing Indian insurance companies a collective loss of Rs 30,000 crore in 2012. In order to tackle the challenge of customer interaction across the country, most insurance companies have built a large nation-wide agent…Read more »

The Rise of Voice Biometrics on Mobile Phones

Let’s be honest: most of our lives revolve around our mobile phone. We hold a lot of personal information on our phones themselves, like photos, e-mails, contacts. Moreover, we often use mobile apps or voice calls to the major institutions with which we deal throughout our lives: our bank, hospital, insurance company, etc. While this offers convenience of accessing data anywhere and anytime, it simultaneously surfaces major concerns about privacy and security. 1600Read more »

The Four Components of Every Successful Enterprise Mobility Initiative

At last week’s ‘Mobile India’ conference in Bangalore, Enterprise Mobility was the hot topic on the minds of many of the high-profile participants. In one panel, representatives from KPMG India, AT&T, Infosys, Ramco Systems, Huawei, Sasken Technologies and Uniphore debated and deliberated on the challenges and opportunities of today's networked world for Enterprises on the Move. According to Uniphore’s CEO, Umesh Sachdev, there are four major challenges to successful enterprise mobility initiatives in India: 1599Read more »

Critical Steps to get the Most from Mobility, Part 3

Implementing a transformative solution like enterprise mobility into your business is a huge task. As we explained over the last month, the first two steps of this process are to profile your mobile workforce and to appoint a Chief Mobility Officer. Now that you’ve got your people in place, it’s time to take up the biggest challenge to adopting a mobility solution: security. 1595Read more »