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umesh-ceoSince time immemorial, humanity has used speech as its most preferred mode of communication. As technology evolved, humans started “communicating” with machines almost as much as with each other. Be it cars, refrigerators, mobile devices or wearable devices, there is a demand to make machine interfaces more “communicative” because we, as users, want more interactive and smart engagement with our machines. Uniphore’s mission is to build solutions that let human speech become the most preferred and pervasive interface for human-machine interaction.

Each day at Uniphore we work on building a product, a feature or a solution that will help Enterprises alter the paradigm of how they engage with their consumers around the world. For example, our virtual assistant solution is not like the fancy, “cool app of the day” which is fun to play with. Akeira is smart, intelligent and has been built to solve very real problems of enterprises and consumers. auMina, our speech analytics solution mines and analyses spoken consumer conversation to offer insights that go beyond the spoken word and focuses on how consumers feel.

Uniphore’s leadership team, employees and investors share a common vision; build a business that outlives us all and will continue to serve its customers and improving their lives. We have since the beginning, endeavoured to build a team of ‘infected’ individuals. Anyone infected with the desire to make fundamental contribution in the product space of speech as a human-machine interface is aggressively sought and wooed to join Uniphore.

We strive to help Enterprises around the world adopt this new revolution of human speech making machines intuitive. We have gone after scenarios where we thought human speech would become mission critical in a certain consumer – business context.

  • Our solution helps over 2 million farmers reduce cost in terms of customer outreach, scaling over challenges such as distance, literacy and language (Read full story here)
  • Our speech recognition software has helped commercial pilots flying internationally understand native accents of tower crews (Read full story here)

This approach to creating technology that truly serves a purpose, has resulted in over four million people using our products. And as we now try to get over a 100 million people world-wide to adopt speech-based technology, we are just having a lot of fun doing so. Almost every day we see the beginning of a new product journey where someone points to a new problem area and then we form a team that works hard at finding a solution. Uniphore’s innovative speech solutions include:

  • Akeira, Uniphore’s Virtual Assistant software, provides a premium consumer self-service experience through an intuitive voice interface
  • amVoice, Uniphore’s Voice Biometrics solution, offers consumers a faster and more pleasant experience, without having to worry about transactional security
  • auMina, Uniphore’s Speech Analytics software, helps businesses improve overall call quality by measuring and continuously improving agents’ knowledge, demeanour, sales skills and adherence to processes and policies

Business for us at Uniphore means something that is fun and engaging and allows each individual to be creative. We are trying to create a legacy by putting human speech at the heart of human-machine communication which will continue to evolve over time. We are focused on creating technology and a business that we are proud of.

We hope that you will feel excited enough to join us in this great journey. We are excited to work and partner with you….

Umesh Sachdev
Chief Executive Officer
Uniphore Software Systems

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Speech analytics

Uniphore’s Speech Analytics Solution has helped us achieve over 80% reduction in regulatory compliance cost for monitoring interactions in the contact center.
Leading American Financial Services Provider

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A smart and intuitive virtual assistant solution that makes premium service delivery seem effortless through a human-like machine interface.

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