• Do you want exceptional customer service to place you above competition?
  • Do you think shortening long IVR processes could make your consumers happier?
  • Would you like to reduce escalations?
  • The digital consumer today wants faster responses and no longer want to be on hold for a contact center agent or wait for an e-mail response. They want solutions to their problems interactively as well as anytime, anywhere access. Akeira, Uniphore’s Virtual Assistant software, provides a premium consumer self-service experience through an intuitive voice interface. Akeira provides natural, multi-turn and contextual dialog to consumers across a variety of interaction channels to handle unstructured queries eliminating deep-rooted IVR menus.

    Enable Faster Outcomes

    Enable Faster Outcomes

    Ensure First Call Resolution

    Ensure First Call Resolution

    Reduce Customer Care Costs

    Reduce Customer Care Costs

    Manage Contact Volume

    Manage Contact Volume

    Akeira allows consumers to ask questions in their natural language, and get the desired answer regardless of the many ways the question may be asked. Akeira today has become the gold standard in superior customer experience management. It provides support for more than 25 global languages and more than 150 dialects.

    Uniphore’s Akeira processes queries using natural language processing, and instantly provides customized and precise results by parsing natural language questions and matching these questions with a single correct answer. It also acts as a 24×7 online research agent, delivering real-time, actionable voice of the consumer insights to enterprise clients. Akeira is particularly effective when used in specific domain scenarios, such as industry verticals or in specific use-cases. It also offers other benefits such as:


    Enable faster outcomes : Your consumers can complete transactions in fewer steps, and can update their information from anywhere using their mobile device.


    Ensure first call resolution : Akeira gives your consumers a more engaging experience by guiding your agents to find the right solution to consumer problems without any escalations.

    Reduce customer care costs : Reduce agent handling calls and average call time, and increase call capacity and better infrastructure utilization. You can also reduce misroutes and transfers thereby saving agent time in re-qualifying and re-routing the calls.

    Manage Contact Volume : Optimize contact volume that results from increased consumer interactions, without drastic increases in cost or a drop in consumer satisfaction.

    Akeira can be deployed on enterprise websites, mobile apps, in contact center environments or even via web enabled kiosks – wherever customers go for self-service answers. It offers advanced semantic processing that can recognize complex grammar structures of major international languages as well regional languages. Akeira also enables deeper context-aware user profiling by gathering information about the mood and emotions of your callers.

    What Clients say

    Speech analytics

    Uniphore’s Speech Analytics Solution has helped us achieve over 80% reduction in regulatory compliance cost for monitoring interactions in the contact center.
    Leading American Financial Services Provider


    • Speech Recognition
    • Natural Language Processing
    • User Profiling
    • Search Recommendations
    • Avatar Visualization
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