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video-case Deploying Speech Analytics to Enable Optimal Business Value
This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of how to deploy Speech Analytics across the enterprise, including the various phases involved, resources required to maximize the adoption and why it is a strategic option of C-suite to harness quantifiable business benefits.

video-case How Insights from Speech Analytics Benefits Functions Across the Organization
This Whitepaper speaks about the need for data mining and analysis and how Speech Analytics helps obtain interesting insights from customer conversations to address prevailing concerns. It details on how Speech Analytics goes beyond contact centers to drive performance across various functions in an organization.

video-case Why POC is Critical in Preparing for Speech Analytics Deployment
This Whitepaper talks about the importance of Proof of Concept (POC) in preparing for Speech Analytics Deployment. It also stresses on the importance of Speech Analytics, POC journey, evaluation of the results, vendor selection criteria, and how POC helps decision makers decide on full-scale deployment.

video-case Speech Analytics for Contact Centers & BPOs
This whitepaper touches upon the evolution of contact centers from customer contact points to enhanced channels of customer service that they are now. It describes how this interesting tool reimagines not only the customer service aspect but also redefines the business outcomes of contact centers through invaluable customer insights.

video-case Speech Analytics - Boosting Customer Engagement and Business Growth for Insurance Providers
This whitepaper provides an overview of the evolution of insurance sector, digital trends, challenges and the perennial need for enhancing customer service. It also covers the role and impact of Speech Analytics as a solution that addresses pertinent issues in improving CX.

video-case Speech Analytics Augmenting Customer Experience for Banking and Financial Institutions
This white paper takes you through the evolution of Banking and Financial services to their modern avatars, the issues plaguing the industry and the need for of enhancing Customer Service. It also dwells on the pivotal role played by Speech Analytics in augmenting Customer Experience.

video-case Voice Biometrics - A Formidable Measure for Real-time Authentication
This white paper walks the reader through the consequences of data theft, importance of securing data, and the vital role played by Voice Biometrics in data security.

video-case Virtual Assistants - Changing the Service Dynamics of the BFSI Sector
This whitepaper is intended to address the need for technological adoption, more specifically, that of Virtual or Digital Assistants within the BFSI sector and their growing relevance and utility.

video-case Speech Analytics Guide for Easy Deployment and Optimized Experience
Higher data-storage and processing capacities led to advanced analytics in Contact Centers. Speech Analytics has proven potential in offering business insights by mining speech data. This white paper covers the necessity of speech and business analytics, their capabilities, deployment, and user experience.

video-case How Speech Analytics Helps Companies Offer Better Customer Service
Technology has played a crucial role in the evolution of contact centres since its inception. This interactive whitepaper captures the evolution and details how newer products such as speech analytics are helping contact centres offer unparalleled customer service through better business insights.

video-case The Evolution and Future of Contact Centre Technology
This whitepaper takes you through the evolution of customer service over many decades. It highlights how consumer preferences kept varying and how the technologies affected these preferences.

video-case How Speech Recognition Technology Helps Companies Ensure Compliance and Prevent Fraud
With technology advancements and growing online transactions leading to data proliferation, rising fraud and data theft have become a growing cause for concern across industries for consumers and enterprises alike. This Whitepaper intends to underline and correlate how Speech Recognition and Voice Biometrics can unearth and prevent online fraud while ensuring regulatory compliance during customer interactions.

video-case Increase Revenue By Boosting Collections Efforts: Speech Analytics to the Rescue
This whitepaper is an attempt to outline the role of Speech Analytics in the collections function and how it can catalyze the cash flows of an enterprise.

video-case The Relevance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Speech Recognition
The aim of this Whitepaper is to throw some light on how modern Speech Recognition tools have forayed into adoption of technologies like AI and ML to usher in a silent revolution in the Speech Recognition technology

video-case Speech Analytics for Boosting Sales Opportunities During Customer Conversations
Understanding a customer's needs during an interaction is critical for companies. It helps deliver effective service and identify and customize sales opportunities. This Whitepaper talks about the strategic areas of Customer Service and how Speech Analytics contributes in optimizing revenue opportunities.

video-case The Next Level of Speech Technology: auMina for Business Insights Through Speech Data
The latest version of Uniphore's prime Speech Analytics product auMina is designed to help companies drive business outcomes through actionable insights received through speech data. This paper is designed to help executives and decision makers to understand the features of Speech Analytics and the unique benefits it offers to fulfill business goals.

video-case Customer Support Techniques: The Classic Versus The Cutting Edge
This paper addresses the conundrum that most Customer Experience (CX) experts and marketers face today, which is the nature and extent of balance brands must strive to achieve between enabling a DIY approach for their customers and building a predictive contact center capability.

video-case The Multi-Fold Benefits of Virtual Assistant for Enterprises
The structure of this paper is designed to offer insights into the world of Virtual Assistants and how this futuristic technology offers solutions to multiple problems for an enterprise.

video-case Voice Biometrics - A Fool-Proof Way to Authenticate Users
This paper will talk about how an organization can benefit from this sub product of Speech Recognition Technology to cut down information security hassles and improve customer satisfaction.

video-case The Growing Relevance, Demand, and Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology
This paper throws light on one of the fastest growing subjects in recent times and aims to get you acquainted with the historical aspects along with latest developments in this field.

video-case Data Analytics vs Market Research
This article throws light on two of the most preferred approaches to solving complex problems in organizations - Data Analytics & Market Research.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Identifying Agent Skill Gaps and Trainings
Learn more about how Speech Analytics does real time identification of agent behavior and improve business process.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Improving Customer Experience
Learn more about how Speech Analytics helps contact center to identify and understand specific customer behaviors and attitudes.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Predicting Customer Churn
Learn more about how Speech Analytics helps to identify and retain customers considered likely to churn, and safeguard against unnecessary litigation.

video-case White paper: Discover Contact Center Automation
Learn more about how our contact center automation solution helps reduce operational cost and boost customer satisfaction.

video-case White paper: The Next Level of Enterprise Security
Learn more about how Uniphore has based its user authentication solution on voice biometrics as a guard against fraud and identity theft

video-case White paper: Leverage audio mining for better business
Learn how our audio mining solution helps enterprises improve data processing, consumer satisfaction and fraud identification.

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