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video-case Data Analytics vs Market Research
This paper throws light on two of the most preferred approaches to solving complex business problems in organizations.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Identifying Agent Skill Gaps and Trainings
Learn more about how Speech Analytics does real time identification of agent behavior and improve business process.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Improving Customer Experience
Learn more about how Speech Analytics helps contact center to identify and understand specific customer behaviors and attitudes.

video-case Whitepaper: Speech Analytics for Predicting Customer Churn
Learn more about how Speech Analytics helps to identify and retain customers considered likely to churn, and safeguard against unnecessary litigation.

video-case White paper: Discover Contact Center Automation
Learn more about how our contact center automation solution helps reduce operational cost and boost customer satisfaction.

video-case White paper: The Next Level of Enterprise Security
Learn more about how Uniphore has based its user authentication solution on voice biometrics as a guard against fraud and identity theft

video-case White paper: Leverage audio mining for better business
Learn how our audio mining solution helps enterprises improve data processing, consumer satisfaction and fraud identification.

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Voice Biometrics
Multi-language and truly portable solution for high-risk transactions that makes use of the user’s own voice for extremely accurate identity verification.

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Virtual Assistant
A smart and intuitive virtual assistant solution that makes premium service delivery seem effortless through a human-like machine interface.

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