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Conversational Automation / 10.09.2021

8 Min Read

What's Actually Happening in AI and How Uniphore Is Advancing Language Understanding

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field that often attracts hyperbole and misinformation fueled by a...

Leadership Conversation / 07.09.2021

5 Min Read

CX in the Insurance Industry: Humanizing the Digital Experience

Digital servicing has given CX teams the ability to conveniently and efficiently reach out to more c...

Conversational Automation / 31.08.2021

5 Min Read

Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning: What's the Difference (Plus Use Cases)

Learning is complex. What does it take for a person to learn a language, for example? If it’s a mo...

Leadership Conversation / 20.08.2021

5 Min Read

Are IVRs Good or Bad for Customer Experience?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution enables your customers to self-solve their issues throu...

Conversational Automation / 18.08.2021

5 Min Read

What Is Reinforcement Learning and Why Elon Musk Thinks It Threatens Humanity

The images that popular media and Hollywood movies evoke about artificial intelligence (AI) differ v...

Conversational Automation / 17.08.2021

5 Min Read

The State of AI: Can Machines Understand Our Conversations?

Many experts deem artificial intelligence (AI) to be the most important technology of our time. ...

Life at Uniphore / 13.08.2021

5 Min Read

A Q&A with Patrick Ehlen, VP of AI at Uniphore

By Jody Glaser, Director of Content, Campaigns & Brand, Uniphore There’s an intense renewed i...

Conversational Automation / 02.08.2021

5 Min Read

Contact Center Quality Automation Drives Real Value

The pandemic has expedited digital transformation and automation goals across organizations. Contact...