/ 19.04.2021

Francesco Crippa

Francesco leads the newly formed Platform Engineering team at Uniphore. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading reliable and real time platforms at extreme scale.

Prior to Uniphore, Francesco led the overall Engineering organization at Rollbar as VP of Engineering, delivering a world class observability SaaS platform that automatically classifies application stack-traces and logs through the usage of ML and AI.

He also ran the Core Shopping team at Zillow and he was one of the founding members of Project Square, a Cisco WebEx initiative defined to completely transform the foundations of the collaboration space. He built from the ground up the teams that delivered the desktop, web and developer experiences of one of the biggest collaboration platforms in the world.

Before working with large public companies, he co-founded a successful startup in the field of Enterprise tech consultancy in Italy, delivering services across Europe and Middle-East for clients like EMC, Banca d’Italia, Leroy Merlin and Vodafone.

In his spare time Francesco enjoys Philosophy, Music, Synthesizers and Art, where he likes to build light installations based on programmable LEDs and microcontrollers.