/ 14.02.2019

John T. Chambers

John Chambers founded JC2 Ventures to help disruptive startups from around the world innovate and scale. Chambers believes in the development of startup nations and hence, invests in companies across categories and geographies leading to market transitions. Airware, Aspire Food Group, Dedrone, OpenGov, Pindrop, Privoro, Sprinklr, and Uniphore are a few such examples. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Airware, OpenGov, Pindrop, and Sprinklr.

Prior to founding JC2 Ventures, Chambers was CEO, Chairman and Executive Chairman at Cisco Systems.

In addition to investing in and mentoring startups, he is focused on promoting entrepreneurship, gender equality, and accelerating overall new business creation around the world. Additionally, his role as the Chairman of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) allows him to work closely with business and government leaders in both countries to create meaningful opportunities that have the power to change the lives of citizens.