/ 07.02.2019

Raj Jayaraman

Raj Jayaraman oversees Product Management at Uniphore. His experience of more than two decades in IT has helped him steer the team towards building customer-centric, products and solutions with a truly global footprint. Subsequent to the completion of his Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, from the University of Madras, Jayaraman served in organizations that were primarily focused on research and development of products. He dabbled in engineering responsibilities at Fore Systems, Marconi, and Alloptic in the Silicon Valley, and was a part of the Netlab Research group at Caltech.

His focus on Product Management was sharpened with his rich experience at Aricent, HCL-Cisco, Polaris and FSS, in India.

The number of hours that he spends at labs perfecting product designs is followed by high octane dance sessions that include Western and Indian dance styles. He is an impromptu mimicry artist, and loves to spice up gatherings with his talent. He is an ardent cricket fan, and promises to give his best on local cricketing circuits.