/ 16.03.2021

Saurabh Saxena

Saurabh is the Head of Engineering & Technology at Uniphore. An unabashed technologist, he has spent 20+ years building Enterprise software products in the CRM, IOT, Machine Learning, NLP and Big Data spaces.

Prior to Uniphore, Saurabh was the Founder & CTO of Tribyl, an NLP-powered CRM SaaS application where he built AI technology on unstructured data like emails and phone calls. In his prior role he was the founding Head of Product & Engineering at a hyper-volume IoT & ML platform startup that processed hundreds of billions of transactions for predictive analytics.

Previously, Saurabh was the Chief Architect at eMeter, a Sequoia- backed startup where he built a real time IoT gateway and data processing platform (exit: Siemens). Earlier in his career, Saurabh was the Chief Architect at Amdocs-Clarify, building CRM products, OSS/BSS software, and the first ever WAP based mobile app store.

Saurabh earned his Master’s in Business from KGSM, Milwaukee, WI, a B.E in Computer Science from BIT India, and is a selected member of the Forbes Technology Council.