The saga of an interesting Uniphorean

There are many factors that contribute to Uniphore’s fast growth and innovative solutions: we work with groundbreaking technologies, we have strong partnerships with industry leaders, and we truly understand our customers. However, the single most powerful factor that differentiates our business is our people. Uniphore encourages creativity and hard work, which brings in a dynamic combination of seasoned veterans, inventive intrapreneurs, and tech-savvy college grads. In this post, you’ll get an insight into Uniphore by hearing from one of our employees, Parthasarathy Krishnaswamy, in his own words. 1581Read more »

Speaker Recognition using Voice biometrics

Speaker Recognition using Voice biometrics In the field of enterprise mobility, Uniphore stands out for our guarantee to provide fully secure solutions. One way we accomplish this is through Voice Biometric technology, which authenticates the identity of the user by validating their unique voiceprint. Using nothing more than their mobile phone, users engage with this technology to securely access and enter personal information as well as transact. To assure that we are consistently offering the most sophisticated Voice Biometric-based solutions, Uniphore has partnered with several global leaders in the field of speech technology.…Read more »