The Value of Incubation

This weekend, Uniphore was awarded the Best Incubatee in the ICT Category at ISBA Awards 2012. Below, CEO & Co-founder Umesh Sachdev reflects on the benefits of Incubation as a startup, and shares his insights on Incubation trends in India. ----------------------------- India is known as the land of the unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. It runs in our blood. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) indicates that Bengaluru is seeing 800 new tech startups every 6 months, and Chennai around 600. These entrepreneurs come in every shape and size, but all are excited by the prospect…Read more »

Mobile (Voice) for Development

In 2006, Iqbal Quadir gave a TED talk about the power of the mobile phone to end global poverty. He argued that “aid does damages: because it empowers authorities instead of people,” and he advocated for a new approach to development from below. Quadir believes that in order to enable inclusive development, the key is to allow marginalized populations to be productive participants in the economy. And because “connectivity is productivity,” the one tool that could make this happen was the mobile phone. 1582Read more »