Driving Operational Excellence at a Startup

One thing that Uniphore prides itself on is our operational excellence. We make sure that each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer, and that as a company, we embrace teamwork and problem solving to achieve continuous improvement throughout the organization. In order to achieve this operational excellence, we need to have, well…an excellent operator. His name is Ravi Saraogi, and he’s co-founder and COO of Uniphore. Below, Ravi talks a little bit about the role of a COO in a startup, and how he designed and implemented…Read more »

Using Voice Authentication for Government Payments: from Philippines to India

Uniphore believes that the use of Voice Biometrics for mobile payments is the most secure, scalable method for offering banking and payment services to the Indian masses. While many are excited about our vision, we often get the question:  “Has a large scale deployment of Voice Biometrics for mobile money been successful anywhere before?” The short answer is: yes, in many countries around the world. Voice Biometrics has taken off with banks and merchants everywhere from Australia to Israel to Canada. Today, we’ll share with you one case study from the Philippines, where…Read more »

Trends in Adoption of Enterprise Mobility in India

This week, NASSCOM Emerge featured Uniphore as a key player in the emerging Enterprise Mobility market in India. The feature was part of NASSCOM’s focus on the enterprise mobility landscape as a whole, in which they interviewed businesses, analysts, and developers about the different types of mobility, as well as the most pertinent trends, and the important success stories. One of the prominent articles in this mobility issue was an interview with Katyayan Gupta, Lead Mobility analyst at Forrester, on what’s driving Mobility Adoption among companies and consumers in India. 154Read more »