3 Steps to Overcoming the Security Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

With the influx of powerful mobiles devices, smartphones, Personal Digital Assistants and tablets, businesses are beginning to realize the enormous potential of enterprise mobile applications. CIOs across industries are seeking ways to leverage these devices in order to achieve quicker decision-making, cost cutting in pen-and-paper operations, and increased employee productivity. However, the benefits of increased mobility come with growing risks. Full-time connections via enterprise applications combined with local storage of data on mobile devices increase the potential for exposure of sensitive, confidential and legally protected data. Indeed, concerns about security and compliance are…Read more »

The key to scaling livelihood-enhancing VAS products

At this year’s VAS Asia Conference in Delhi, excitement was all around. The Indian Mobile VAS market is growing fast, expected to reach Rs 26,000 crore by the end of 2012 and Rs 33,280 crore by 2013. However, in India, conventional MVAS services like Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket scores and Ringtones dominate the market, with 63% share. Despite a wide variety of offerings, productivity and livelihood-enhancing applications have yet take off. Speaker after speaker emphasized the need for more sophisticated, personalized products that will actually enhance the quality of life of the customer. 1589Read more »

How a leading Indian NBFC doubled sales productivity with Voice-based Mobility

Last week, Uniphore’s CEO, Umesh Sachdev, was invited to speak at the Banking, Finance and Technology Forum (BFTF) in Mumbai. The event brings together an exclusive group of senior-level executives from the BFSI sector in India to network, learn and share best practices and strategies in applying technology to meet business goals. BFTF occurred only days after an important Zinnov report was released, which asserted that IT spending in the BFSI vertical in India is expected to reach USD 3.5 billion by FY 2014, growing at a CAGR of 13%. At the conference,…Read more »