Critical Steps to get the Most from Mobility, Part 1

Agility and communication are key factors in corporate success. Competitive organizations must be responsive to their employees and customers at all times, regardless of logistical barriers. In other words, companies need to be mobile. Enterprise mobility draws people, processes and technology together to achieve accurate and rapid decision-making. Despite the obvious benefits of mobility, studies show that many companies in India are still hesitant to adopt an enterprise mobility initiative. Executives realize that these solutions involve complex architecture and numerous integration scenarios with multiple moving parts in the form of evolving technology platforms…Read more »

The Global Service Revolution inspired by Speech Recognition

Today we have a guest post, written by Ashley Furness, software analyst with Software Advice. We believe this article is important because it exposes the universal nature of how and why Speech Recognition is changing customer service.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Steve Jobs revealed Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri, he unknowingly unleashed a powerful model for the new age of customer service. Though Siri wasn't made for company support, innovators saw potential for a friendly, interactive support agent that doesn't involve additional payroll. But she still feeds the public's need for instant response. 1592Read more »