Critical Steps to get the Most from Mobility, Part 3

Implementing a transformative solution like enterprise mobility into your business is a huge task. As we explained over the last month, the first two steps of this process are to profile your mobile workforce and to appoint a Chief Mobility Officer. Now that you’ve got your people in place, it’s time to take up the biggest challenge to adopting a mobility solution: security. 1595Read more »

Critical Steps to get the Most from Mobility, Part 2

Two weeks ago, we taught you the first step to any major enterprise mobility strategy: profiling your mobile workforce. Hopefully, by now, you have a good sense of exactly who you are building this solutions for, and how to theoretically create a solution that is appropriate to their tasks and skill levels. This is an important prerequisite to the adoption and effectiveness of any mobile initiative. Today, we’ll take you through the next critical element of enterprise mobility strategy. 1594Read more »