The Secret Behind Keeping up with rapidly evolving technology in Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices are everywhere and used by everyone. This pervasiveness creates opportunities to make employees more productive, engage with customers in a more targeted and personalized manner, and cut costs across enterprise operations. Due to the huge gains that Enterprise Mobility brings to businesses across industries,  Zinnov  recently asserted that India’s market for these solutions will reach 1 billion USD by 2015. 1597Read more »

Speaking a common language in India: The Power of mLearning

India is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of cultural and linguistic diversity. However, this plethora of regional languages and dialects creates a challenge for those without English skills who aspire to advance up the economic ladder. Although market-based economic reforms in 1991 have ushered in a rapidly growing economy, the fact that only 4% of the country is English literate continues to hinder the upward mobility of today's youth. Could mobile technology offer an opportunity to support youth across the country in learning one common language - English?…Read more »