The Rise of Voice Biometrics on Mobile Phones

Let’s be honest: most of our lives revolve around our mobile phone. We hold a lot of personal information on our phones themselves, like photos, e-mails, contacts. Moreover, we often use mobile apps or voice calls to the major institutions with which we deal throughout our lives: our bank, hospital, insurance company, etc. While this offers convenience of accessing data anywhere and anytime, it simultaneously surfaces major concerns about privacy and security. 1600Read more »

The Four Components of Every Successful Enterprise Mobility Initiative

At last week’s ‘Mobile India’ conference in Bangalore, Enterprise Mobility was the hot topic on the minds of many of the high-profile participants. In one panel, representatives from KPMG India, AT&T, Infosys, Ramco Systems, Huawei, Sasken Technologies and Uniphore debated and deliberated on the challenges and opportunities of today's networked world for Enterprises on the Move. According to Uniphore’s CEO, Umesh Sachdev, there are four major challenges to successful enterprise mobility initiatives in India: 1599Read more »

What all CIOs must know about Change Management & Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility can improve an organization’s productivity, optimize logistics operations, enhance customer relationships and streamline supply chain management. New mobile applications provide sales staff with updated information about their customers and new ways for field forces to work more effectively. However, one of the major challenges associated with enterprise mobility is user adoption. If employees and customer don’t find the applications easy, intuitive, and personal, then they will resist the change – and the ROI of an enterprise mobility investment will be much lower. Tata Consultancy Services recently published a white paper discussing…Read more »