[Video] How Lending Companies & MFIs in India use Mobility to Increase Productivity and Reduce Fraud

It’s no secret:  Lending institutions in India are struggling - relying on an unproductive fieldforce for business development and customer service. These field agents are daunted by the slow process of manually collecting customer information, transmitting it to the office for processing, then waiting for approval. Such labour-intensive data processes also cost businesses time and money. To stay competitive, you must be responsive to employees and customers at all times, while constantly overcoming logistical barriers. This requires a powerful fieldforce automation tool that connects your people, processes and technology together to achieve accurate…Read more »

Examining the Mobility Stack

In its quarterly update about Enterprise Mobility, called Perspectives, Tata Consulting Service wrote an interesting article about the multiple layers of an enterprise mobililty platform. They argue that before selecting a platform, it’s critical to sort out confusion surrounding platform requirements. The key to addressing this problem lies in correctly defining each of the layers in mobile platforms and examining how those layers mesh with the organization’s IT architecture. Only with this information can IT organizations see whether their mobile platform strategy is sound. The central arguments of the article are summarized below.…Read more »