How Indian NBFCs are using Mobility to Lower Operational Costs and Increase Revenues

Synopsis: NBFCs in India are struggling to maintain high margins, fighting high borrowing and lending rates. However, across the globe, 1 technique is consistently effective in increasing overall profitability: boosting operational efficiencies. Operational efficiency, or achieving more productive operations through lower investment, can be achieved in two ways: reducing costs and increasing revenue. This article explains how to pursue both of these objectives through technology solutions. 308Read more »

The Three Biggest Benefits of Enterprise Mobility in Agriculture

Mobile communications technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. Given this dramatic change, businesses across industries have begun to explore how they can capitalize on the mobile channel to deliver information and services to customers in more personalized and cost effective ways. Applications in mobile banking, for example, have gotten a lot of attention in the last 5 years, popularized by the success of services such as mPesa in Kenya. Similarly, mobile healthcare initiatives have also gained some steam, lauded for…Read more »

15 Criteria to Use when Selecting Your Enterprise Mobility Vendor

As the number of mobile devices now outpaces humans on this planet, mobility is becoming a more critical part of enterprise technology strategy. However, many organizations don’t know how to move to this new mobile world, and they can’t afford costly mistakes like a failed investment, which could damage their reputation. These businesses need help with their enterprise mobility strategy, and they’re turning to mobility services providers to design, develop, and support their mobile applications. Today’s enterprise mobility market comprises many providers, ranging from the agencies that specialize in user interface (UI)/design work…Read more »