How to Make Workforce Management Technology Work

According to IDC, “25 percent of IT projects fail outright. Meanwhile, 20 to 25 percent don’t provide ROI and up to 50 percent require material rework.” That’s roughly 50% of IT projects that fail or don’t provide ROI and greater than 95% of IT projects that are not successful. Mobile Workforce Management solutions enable companies to deliver superior field service and customer satisfaction. However, a successful Mobile Workforce Management transformation is dependent upon many factors beyond simply deploying new technology. It requires a full understanding of the overall business objectives, a keen understanding of…Read more »

How to Overcome the top 5 challenges to Enterprise Mobility

Today, all businesses recognize the value in optimizing mobile business processes through technology solutions that can track, measure and monitor field events, improving work efficiency and visibility. However, many businesses still lack an enterprise mobility strategy.  According to an Infosys whitepaper, there are 5 challenges that inhibit the effective use of enterprise mobility: 1. Technology Challenges: Many of the enterprise mobility solutions found in the market today are optimized for a homogenous environment and a low or moderate level of complexity. These solutions can provide a short-term answer for the midsize company or for…Read more »