The Hockey Stick Effect of Enterprise Mobility on Customer Onboarding

The customer lifecycle can be divided into four functional areas – acquire, optimize, retain, and retire. Nearly 75% of all cross-sell opportunities occur within the first 90 days of a customer engaging with your institution – an indication of the extent to which the initial customer engagement and onboarding process is critical for your business in terms of prospective cross sell/up sell opportunities and overall customer satisfaction. A robust onboarding approach – including initial enrollment through relevant data collection, constant customer engagement and predefined onboarding metrics – can go a long way in…Read more »

An Insider’s Perspective on the Changing Landscape of Mobility

Ken Dulaney is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research, where his research areas include smartphones, tablet computers, notebook computers, industrial handhelds, wireless communications, mobile software and device management strategies. Mr. Dulaney is also the lead analyst for Intel. He has been recognized by Adweek magazine as one of the top 20 technology industry analysts. In this interview with TCS Global Consulting, Mr. Dulaney offers insights on mobility’s impact on the workplace and the future of mobility. Below are the highlights of the interview. On Adoption in the Enterprise One of…Read more »