Enterprise Mobility Case Study: IBM

Over the course of three years, IBM piloted mobile access with different devices and operating systems, adding new entries like tablets as the market produced them. IBM collaboration software became an integral part of the solution. By 2011, wide-scale production deployment was under way, with mobility viewed as a core infrastructure service and in excess of 100,000 smartphone and tablet users with access to the IBM corporate network. Today, the program covers 120,000 mobile users, including 80,000 personally owned devices, and continues to expand. 344Read more »

How to create a Secure and Flexible Workplace in the Mobile Era

A recent Gartner report concluded that “the rise of ‘bring your own device’ programs is the single most radical shift in the economics of client computing for business since PCs invaded the workplace.” While it may be tempting to ban the use of personally owned devices in the enterprise as a result of the added support and security complexities, corporate policies that take a hard line may simply not be enforceable. Corporate smartphone and tablet users may circumvent corporate policy, putting the enterprise at greater risk. In addition, not embracing BYOD can also…Read more »