How Enterprise Mobility can Transform Agribusiness

As enterprise mobility becomes increasingly mainstream, we often hear case studies about its impact in banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing. However, in countries like India, where 70% of the country are involved in the agriculture industry, it is critical that these industries also be disrupted with innovation. These solutions will vary in functionality and platform from mainstream mobility solutions, as this industry and its stakeholder primarily use basic feature phones, and speak a variety of local languages. Nevertheless, huge benefit can be gleaned from these solutions when done appropriately. 349Read more »

From Audio to Action: Demystifying Speech Recognition

As speech recognition starts to live up to its promise, more and more businesses are exploring how they can apply this technology to their operations. One of the first questions we always get is, “How does the technology work?” Therefore, below we have described the process of how exactly audio streaming can be understood, converted to text, and applied to automate and enhance communication. Enjoy! --- The first step of speech recognition is turning a continuous audio stream into the basic sounds of the language, which are called phonemes.  Every language has different sounds,…Read more »