How to build Enterprise Mobile App in 24 hours?

Enterprise Mobility Scenario: Mobile business apps market is set to reach $53bn in 2017, says a leading market research firm. It is also predicted that 200 million mobile workers will use at least one business-focused app this year. Over the next few years, both the number of mobile workers using enterprise mobile apps and the number of apps available will grow rapidly. Factors to consider before you build Enterprise Mobile App:  While consumer apps are built on cutting edge technologies and provide best-in-class GUI, negligible latency, multiple hardware integration features, enterprises apps tend…Read more »

Hear Watson, hear.

In 2011 IBM's Watson Computer won the American quiz show Jeopardy. It did so on live TV, beating two of the all time great (human) contestants of the show. In the Indian context, this would be a bit like a computer going on Kaun Banega Crorepati, interacting with Amithabh Bachan, and becoming a Crorepati.  Are we going to see that happen some day? 476Read more »