Automation tools for Next Generation Contact Centers – Part I

That moment when someone says ‘Contact Center’, we tend to think of people neatly organized in a row, sitting beside their phones, answering customer calls. Is this the real image of a contact center? No! Contact centers are more than the image of head-set wearing agents who communicate in a scripted approach to customers. Almost all industries – Airline, Banking, Insurance, Lending, Telecom, Healthcare, and Utilities are reliant on contact centers to service their customers and improve their customer relationship. To an organization, contact centers’ matters a lot, they view contact centers as…Read more »

Comparison of 4 Biometrics Technologies – Voice, Fingerprint, Iris, Face

A leading information security publication claims that a whopping 17.2 million debit and credit cards had to reissued by 58 member institutions at an estimated spend of $172 million in the wake of data breach at a leading American retail company! Why did this happen?   The reason is astoundingly simple: customer information along with their sensitive debit / credit card details were leaked (or stolen)!   Customer bank account security aspects were entrusted to digital characters and numbers that can easily be copied, transferred and reused with or without the consent from…Read more »