Automation tools for Next Generation Contact Centers – Part II (Audio Mining)

In Part I of this Automation tools blog series, I’ve penned down the various benefits of using speech recognition technologies in a contact center. This blog will emphasize the reasons to deploy audio mining solutions in your contact centers. Audio Mining research began in the late 1970s. Ever since it has been used to analyze volumes of audio content sources include customer interactions, newscasts, sporting events, telephone conversations, meeting notes, webcasts, etc. However, it has taken its commercial shape as product from the year 2002 to search archives of audio content for keywords…Read more »

Innovative Voice Banking Solutions at 4th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit, Dubai

Today, the global Islamic finance industry is set for double-digit growth in 2014, and the Middle East’s financial sector is one of the biggest spenders in IT. Leading research firm states ‘Combined Finance’ as the 2nd biggest business IT spenders in the Middle East region and they are predicted to invest $719.77 million in IT in 2014.  With huge investments pumping-in, the banking sector is expected to improve their regulatory compliance and risk management by upgrading the outdated legacy systems that won’t stand fit for today’s requirements and challenges. 1045Read more »