Uniphore brings executive leadership focus to APAC market

Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder elevated as the President, APAC region Sanjeev Gadre takes over the COO role with immediate effect   Chennai, 29th December 2016: Uniphore Software Systems, Chennai-based speech recognition solutions company, after establishing a leadership position in the Indian market is now targeting Asia Pacific to further expand its footprint. In order to focus on the expansion, Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder of Uniphore, has been elevated as the President, APAC region and will now be based in Singapore. Sanjeev Gadre, currently the CMO, will take over from Ravi as the new COO. Ravi…Read more »

Are You Listening to The ‘True Voice’ of Your Customer?

Understanding the intent and emotion hidden in customer conversations is a challenge.  For example, when a customer says “I am unhappy with the services and I want a quick resolution” - it is not only important to provide timely assistance, but also understand the customer’s true sentiment. With customer centricity fast becoming crucial to business success, it is important for organizations to mine customer interactions for valuable data. So how can you catch the information that your agents might miss? Don’t Just Listen. Go deeper with Speech Analytics Speech analytics can help you…Read more »

Data Analytics vs Market Research – Comparison

The dominance of Data Analytics and Market Research for business use is indisputable. Trusted by thousands of enterprises worldwide, they continue to evolve as sophisticated tools with changing trends. In our ongoing series of blogs aimed at helping you make well-informed deployments for business insights, this article throws light on some of the most underlying elements of these data procurement tools. The section below offers a detailed comparison between two of the most powerful data gathering tools on specific characteristics. 1) Storage Point Data Analytics: Involves processing and mining huge tracts of data…Read more »

Data Analytics or Market Research? How to Choose the Right One

Solving business problems and making decisions have become a complex task, owing to multiple micro/macro level influences. To add impetus to this critical area of the business, data insights are paramount. Data Analytics and Market Research Data are two of the most reliable tools in this regard. In this blog post, let’s understand the situations under which the application of one of these tools is more optimal over the other. 1) Understanding the Market Sentiments If the purpose of the project is to dig deeper into the market to understand the sentiments and…Read more »