Women Employee Connect – January 2017

“Aspire, Reach Out & Rise Above” Delivering multiple roles effortlessly every single day, women are undoubtedly the backbone of our society. Doting daughters, caring mothers, competent colleagues and a  range of other roles are played by women around us flawlessly and with grace. To restore their rightful and dignified status, Uniphore has organized the Women Connect Programme on 11th  Jan 17  to provide a solid foundation to nurture the inner strength, creativity, and self-esteem of women from all walks of office. With this base well established, women are now able to go out into the world, prepared…Read more »

Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology – Industry Wise

As a formidable form of communication, the need for harnessing Speech has gained huge traction over the last decade or so. Speech Recognition technology has grown leaps and bounds, offering intelligent solutions to the likes of individuals and enterprises. Speech Analytics is one such tool which helps business organizations make a new foray into understanding the “Customer’s Voice”. This blog is designed to help executives and decision makers confidently choose and deploy Speech Analytics to gain deeper insights into mining customer interactions. Benefits of Speech Analytics for Enterprises 1) BFSI: Sales Analysis |…Read more »

Speech Recognition Tech Helps Retain Customers & Increase Brand Loyalty – Learn How

The importance of “listening” to the customer is critical for any organization. The feedback provided by existing customers/clientele through various mediums is crucial since the “voice of the customer” is the key. The way stakeholders perceive and respond to underlying responses often dictates the way forward on nurturing existing and prospective customer base. Regardless of the size of the clientele, it pays to record and respond to customers pro-actively. The “power of harnessing speech” to draw business insights is best answered using technology. Speech Recognition comes to the aid of management looking for…Read more »

The Growing Relevance, Demand, and Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology

Technology continues to advance at lightning speed, contributing immensely to social and economic well-being. Over the last decade or so, Speech Recognition Technology has grown leaps and bounds, redefining the way humans interact with devices. It has helped the likes of individuals and enterprises to get access to curated information and insights without hassles. The paper throws light on one of the fastest growing subjects in recent times and aims to get you acquainted with the historical aspects along with latest developments in this field. For decision makers exploring latest technologies to drive…Read more »

Uniphoreans go “Gaga” over a series of Fun Events

When our employees at work look forward to something new at the office, we are there to bring some fun into workspace along with some yummy lunch. Yes !!! We celebrated the New Year's eve and Birthday Bash on 29th December 16 in Chennai. Our Media partner was Radio City and event partner was Sp!ze Events and Creatives. RJ Bharath from Radio city and Savitha from Sp!ze events made the day a memorable one. Uniphoreans participated with overwhelming enthusiasm and made it a success. The team dug into some scrumptious food at the Potluck…Read more »

6 Best Practices for Speech Analytics Success

Contact center operations are not only expensive but also fraught with compliance risk that can negatively impact an organization’s reputation, competitive standing, and revenues. A real-time Speech Analytics solution is a powerful tool for mining customer-agent interactions and driving actionable intelligence aimed at improving interaction efficiency, agent productivity, compliance and customer satisfaction. In a recent survey by Opus Research, 72% of the respondents said the primary benefit of Speech Analytics is enhanced customer experience, while 68% regard the technology as a cost-saving mechanism, and 52% believe it can boost revenues. If you are…Read more »