What Makes Voice Biometrics the Best Alternative to Conventional Channels of Authentication

The field of Biometrics has witnessed a sea of development over the last few decades owing to the unique benefits and the fool-proof authentication solution it offers. Once considered a niche field, Biometrics-based authentication and verification channels have become a name to reckon with. They are slowly but steadily replacing the conventional modes of validating the identity of the user. What is Voice Biometrics? It is a technology aided process where the “voiceprint” of a user is recorded and stored to be matched and verified later as an authentication procedure. The voiceprint of…Read more »

The Multi-Fold Benefits of Deploying Voice Biometrics for Enterprises

The field of Biometrics has been reshaping the way enterprises simplify and secure critical information and offer access solutions to customers and users. Voice Biometrics has paved way for hassle-free authentication of users, in a fool-proof manner. What makes Voice Biometrics fool-proof? The voice characteristics of every human are exclusive, making it a unique proposition for businesses to use this trait of speech to verify and provide access to users. The algorithm-driven voice-based biometrics is secure and offers non-compromising solutions for the organization. The system validates the characteristics in the natural speech to…Read more »

Uniphore Among 8 Finalists in Tech Matchmaking Program by MetLife’s LumenLab

Uniphore Software Systems has been selected as one among the 8 finalists for the inaugural tech matchmaking program by LumenLab. Christened Collab, this November 2016 launch from MetLife’s Singapore-based innovation center aims to provide a platform for innovators and disruptors to tackle the business needs of tomorrow. Uniphore’s entry to this prestigious innovation program came after a rigorous scrutiny of over 135 applications from 34 countries. During next 3 months, LumenLab and its associates will mentor the 8 finalists in areas of business operations.  A “Demo Day” is scheduled to be held on…Read more »

Voice Biometrics – A fool-proof Way to Authenticate Users

The need to secure virtual data is getting challenging by each passing day. With the ever-increasing threat to critical information such as customer data, IT managers are exploring newer technologies to secure the infrastructure. A “fallout” is most likely to occur at the authentication level. There have been hundreds of instances where access to systems was compromised by impersonators and fraudsters after gaining unauthorized access. This proliferation has led to losses of millions of dollars and legal hassles, that are best not discussed. For the organization, these instances often lead to down gradation…Read more »

Top 5 reasons why global contact centers are increasingly deploying Speech Analytics

Despite the instant access to information and increasing usage of social media platforms, human dialogue remains a powerful enabler of customer engagement. Consider this scenario. Even after extensive online research, Amy is not sure if she wants to go with Insurer A or Insurer B. Both insurers offer similar products that are competitively priced. However, when she calls the insurers, Insurer A pushes products she is not interested in and appears to be in a hurry to get her off the phone. Insurer B, on the other hand, takes the time to answer…Read more »