Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The New Normals for Speech Recognition

With each passing day, millions of people use applications that interact with machines through various media including voice. An efficient Speech Recognition (SR) program has the ability to transform enterprises for business gains, but the limited scope and accuracy of such software in the past has been an Achilles heel for developers and scientists. Unreliability was often the major talking point in the past when it came to Speech Recognition tools. However, the proactive use of technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) have together changed the face of Speech Recognition…Read more »

Why Scaling is a Challenge in Speech Recognition without AI and ML

Speech Recognition is today one of the most widely used technologies in multiple offerings. From conversational chatbots and Speech Analytics software to CX interface, the applications of Speech Recognition technology are multifold. The rise in the popularity of Speech Recognition can be pinned down to the proactive use of Artificial Intelligence backed by Machine Learning and Data Learning capabilities. While work in the field of Speech Recognition has been going on for decades, the success rates have witnessed a surge only with the implementation of AI and ML functionalities. For example, Speech Recognition…Read more »

How auMina is Perfectly Placed to Increase Your Sales Velocity

Breaking the glass ceiling of mere grievance resolution, contact center interactions between customers and agents have emerged to become a gold mine in terms of accelerating sales conversion. auMina, a new generation speech recognition and analytics software from Uniphore, decodes such agent-customer interactions, offering both predictive and prescriptive insights for improved sales velocity. Decoding customer preferences by leveraging DLSR capabilities auMina, armed with its speech recognition features and accurate keyword spotting, aids enterprises in decoding customer needs and preferences. This can be leveraged by enterprises to offer a future product with attributes that…Read more »

Uniphore wins Collab – MetLife’s successful inaugural corporate – startup engagement program

Chennai, 28 June 2017: Uniphore Software Systems, a Chennai-based speech recognition solutions company, is the winner of MetLife’s, Singapore-based innovation center’s corporate-startup engagement program, Collab. Collab, driven by LumenLab, launched in November 2016, attracted over 135 applications from 34 countries and Uniphore Software Systems was one among the 8 finalists for the inaugural tech matchmaking program by LumenLab. The finalists competed based on known challenges in the areas of customer engagement, sales process, operations, and new business model, to be the overall winner and receive a six-figure US$ contract to implement their solution…Read more »