Why Tackling Online Fraud is Important for Contact Centre Operations Today

For all its positive attributes as a game changer in the digital world, technology also has a dark underbelly to it. Growing advancements in technology are being used by fraudsters and scammers to use more sophisticated tools to extract sensitive user information. Traditionally, call center employees are trained to provide excellent customer service. Hence, fraud detection has not always been high on their agenda. However, fraudsters today are increasingly targeting call centers of a majority of retailers, financial institutions, and other high-value targets. Here are some tangible and intangible implications for an enterprise…Read more »

6 ways auMina and amVoice can help your organization combat online fraud

To brace against online fraud involving call center operations, enterprises are ensuring their call center defense is more secure. Evolving from the usage of traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, call centers today are using advanced solutions like Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics to ensure fraudulent activities are negated. Uniphore's Speech Analytics solution ‘auMina’ and its Voice Biometrics solutions 'amVoice' are just such Speech Recognition offerings helping enterprises tackle the menace of contact center frauds by safeguarding consumer data. Key Features of auMina - Speech Analytics 1: 100% coverage of calls in multiple languages:…Read more »

Latest Trends and News: Online Fraud Prevention

Online frauds not only impact enterprises and governments but also increase the risk quotient for the common man. Preventing such cyber attacks is increasingly becoming a big challenge and a definite priority for security experts and governments. Here are some developments and trends that have shaped the cyber security world in the recent past. News and trends Ransom ware attacks to intensify on medical records: Earlier this year, malware attacks, including the ransom ware variant popularly known as ‘WannaCry’, infected a large number of systems including the National Health Service (NHS) in the…Read more »