Uniphore Software Systems, a leading software-based solutions provider in the Speech Recognition space consists of numerous teams operating across Chennai, Bengaluru, and Singapore. In our last publication, we introduced you to Ravi Kompella, Country Head – India Business. This week, let’s hear from Dr. Pat T. Pattabhiraman, Senior Vice-President – Core Technologies as he talks us through his plans and strategy for Uniphore.

About Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat has extensive experience in Natural Language Processing and Speech Technology. He is a mentor with Cyberlaunch, the leading accelerator for Machine Learning and Information Security start-ups. Pat has presented in major conferences and guest edited special issues of Computational Intelligence Journal on Natural Language Generation. His Ph.D. dissertation is used as course material at the University of Strasbourg. Pat has a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the IIT Madras, and a Ph.D. in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University.

 Tell us about yourself

I am the SVP of Core Technologies at Uniphore. I have over 25 years of experience in Speech and Natural Language Processing (NLP). I have worked for Conversay in Redmond, creating Speech Recognition and synthesis products for cell phones and other embedded devices. I have also worked for Seagate Software (now SAP, Canada) in Vancouver, developing a natural language interface to Crystal Reports. I am based in Redmond (Seattle area).

Hobbies and Interests: Music, cricket, world history, astronomy, and volunteering for arts and culture organizations.

Talk us through your function and its responsibility in Uniphore

Core Technologies is a newly formed organization in Uniphore, devoted to R&D in the areas of Speech Recognition, Speech Signal Processing, NLP, Machine Learning and AI. My responsibility is to envision and execute on an R&D agenda leading to cutting edge functionality and performance of Uniphore’s products and services.  We interface and collaborate with Product Engineering, Product Management and other teams in an optimal manner, to ensure that our output finds its way into the nucleus of Uniphore’s offerings.

What do you think about the future of Speech recognition technology? How do you see your function helping Uniphore scale up?

The technology has come of age, providing tremendous use and value to enterprises and consumers alike. Together with NLP, it has made audio (spoken) data amenable to Big Data Analytics. The best is yet to come. I am excited to be the “founding leader” of Core Technologies at Uniphore. My aspiration is to build a world-class organization with a reputation for rigor, sophistication, and innovation.

A few words about Uniphore’s core technology and how this technology will act as a differentiating factor.

We have started out with a small team now. Our work from the past several months is already being transferred into upcoming product features. We are planning to hire more speech- and NLP scientists and engineers this year. Practical relevance is a major guiding principle of Core Tech. We seek to achieve differentiation through superior product performance, innovation and ability to solve complex customer problems.

What keeps you motivated at work?

A thriving workplace, inspired- and inspiring colleagues, challenging problems, satisfied customers!

Uniphore is hiring across functions in multiple locations. Visit our Careers Section to learn about employment opportunities. 

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