How Will Customer Service Look Like 5 Years Down the Line: 5 Futuristic Trends

Delivering customer service at the lowest possible cost for years can give the necessary edge to a contact center. However, this requires a long-term strategy and focus on relevant technologies. Across industries, one sees the need to switch to a less people-dependent end-to-end process. Based on the logic we humans use, machines may be used to build their own intelligence from data in the near future. Within the next five to ten years, interactive tasks will become much more efficient than we are used to seeing around us. Here are five developments worth…Read more »

How Speech Recognition Technologies Can Help Your Brand to be Digitally Omnipresent

Technology in contact centers evolves based on two primary factors: what enables a more seamless customer experience and what decreases the cost of delivering it. Remote services need to be equipped with mediums, such as mobile apps, social-media integrated platforms, and automated customer-service modules, which are now some new avenues that contact centers are taking to make operations cheaper and expand their reach. Speech Recognition and Biometric Authentication Like a fingerprint, every human voice has a unique signature which can help machines to identify people. For callers trying to reach contact centers, voice-based…Read more »

Uniphore at the 13th Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2017 – Singapore

The 13th edition of the Regional Contact Centre Symposium was held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront in Singapore on 4th and 5th October 2017. Organized by the Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS), the event witnessed participation from companies, leaders, and technologists from the Contact Centre industry around the globe. This year, Umesh Sachdev, CEO was the Keynote speaker on Day 1 of the 2-day symposium. Theme – Customer Evolution 1.x The aim of Customer Evolution 1.x this year is to continuously make customers the forefront of every business by showcasing the best…Read more »

5 Disruptive Technologies Changing the Face of Contact Centers Worldwide

A contact center is a powerful source of knowledge on what customers need, feel, and how they relate to a brand. The information generated from every interaction is a rich source of information. Processing it relevantly is vital for companies to take decisive action to ultimately improve business outcomes. Technologies in contact centers over the last three decades have changed considerably. The early days saw the emergence of auto dialers, computer telephony, and campaign management software. More recently, Voice & Speech Recognition software and Biometrics, cloud integration and remote execution are making waves.…Read more »