Factors Leading to Increased Adoption of Speech Analytics

Speech Recognition technology sounds attractive as it is a step forward to automated voice processes. Whether that is partly or fully as yet, voice automation is a technology journey that has made harnessing speech data much easier than in previous decades. Multiple industries are looking for efficient ways to mine data from voice processes, as they generate millions of bytes, which should not be left untouched. A way to get ahead is adopting a speech analytics platform, testing its viability for your market-population mix, and generating adequate functional responsibilities based on the insights…Read more »

How to Optimize Your Speech Analytics Operations

Speech Analytics cuts the costs and complexities of determining implications revealed from customer interactions. It does so in a way similar to business intelligence and analytics, which determine parameters from real-time data and the database history. However, speech analytics needs sophisticated Speech Recognition tools and audio data-mining to come up with information that helps think more with relatively less call time, in spite of expanding user bases. While the technology is still new, users need to know the standard output and how to nurture it over a period. Fundamentally, a Speech Analytics solution…Read more »

5 Industries that Can Benefit from Speech Analytics in a Big Way

Automation of data capture and analysis reduces operational complexity, and thus improves margins. Naturally, as part of the effort toward understanding the customers better, speech data from service calls should be able to help organizations add a new dimension to enterprise analytics. Using the additional component of voice, industries like Retail, Banking, Telecom and others can add depth to their analytics. It is also possible to transform services to voice-based menus once machines can understand human language. As the technology can be designed to mine intricate data such as words, dialects, emotional responses, and…Read more »

Umesh Sachdev Spreads the Power of ‘Speech’ at TED Talks India

The show brings to the forefront people from various backgrounds who are making immense impact in Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Uniphore Co-founder and CEO, Umesh Sachdev talked about the power of ‘speech’ at TED Talks India: Nayi Soch Umesh Sachdev spoke of a future where communication between man and machine will be easy and even grassroot India will be able to embrace technology using one crucial tool- their voice New Delhi, 16th January 2018: Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of Uniphore Software Systems, a speech analytics company, recently participated in TED Talks India:…Read more »

Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Focus on Southeast Asia

In the second year of a global tracking study, Opus Research presents findings from a survey of 500 business decision-makers to understand their perspectives in evaluating and deploying Speech Analytics platforms and services. This study, commissioned by Uniphore, documents critical data points in the perceived value of Speech Analytics and its impact on contact center operations, compliance and regulation, workforce optimization, customer experience and delivering a return on investment. Overall, 90% of the respondents had deployed Speech Analytics in their Customer Care fabric. Over 36% said that they have an experience of more…Read more »