Uniphore Software Systems, a leading Speech Recognition solution provider, has numerous teams operating across India, Singapore and, USA. Let’s hear from Priya, Director – Presales who takes us through some interesting stuff about her personal and professional life.

About Priya, Director – Presales

KG Priya

Priya comes with 14+ years of experience in the areas of Presales Operations, Delivery Management, Account Management and Business Consulting, cutting across BFSI, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, & Aviation segments. Priya heads the Presales at Uniphore and is responsible for driving and managing the sales engineering organization for all the regions Uniphore caters to. She has vast knowledge in spearheading the Presales operations for regions across the globe and effectively managed multiple teams.

Tell us about yourself

Born and bought up in our very own Chennai, I completed my Bachelors in technology followed by Master’s in management and started my professional life in Banking. My appetite for learning new technologies and consulting laid down the path for my career growth. It has been 11 years in Presales, and I have never looked back. Presales consulting is an art, being passionate and open to change will take you places in the corporate ladder.

I am an avid reader. I have been an athlete as a kid and somewhere that’s still there in me and I do a lot of marathons. I used to be part of girls’ cricket team in school which was supposedly cool back then. I love traveling and traveled more than 43 countries till now.

Tell us about your function and its responsibility

We are the invisible line who connects multiple teams at Uniphore with clients and provide them with a complete picture of our products and solutions.


Priya with her team in Chennai office

Presales performs a pivotal role in the entire sales cycle, starting from understanding the customer’s requirement till the time they are onboarded (unearth business issues in the process) and provide overall solutions which help in achieving business outcomes. Presales performs multiple roles while interacting with the customers and ensures that all their queries and reservations are addressed well in time.

What do you think about the future of Speech Recognition technology? How do you see your function helping Uniphore scale up?

Speech Recognition technology has a potential of becoming the next big thing in the industry. With the advent of millennials and Generation Z, companies desire to come up with innovative ideas to enrich Customer Experience. Products around speech will be the nucleus for future offerings. Uniphore’s products and solutions are groundbreaking and with focus on R&D and visible future product enhancements, we can become a market leader. The role of Presales here is very important as the product may be new to many organizations, they have many queries to be answered and aversions to be cleared. At the same time, we also provide market feedback back to the product team for product improvements.

A few words about Uniphore’s technology and how this technology will act as a differentiating factor

The technology stack from Uniphore is unique and all our 3 products address multiple business issues of our clients. Our technology and the wrappers built around the layer are developed based on customer’s business needs and not the other way around.

auMina (Speech Analytics) is driven by the business outcome model and provides rich and meaningful business insights. akeira, the Virtual Assistant reduces the burden by automating many of these calls. The use cases under akeira are enormous and can be deployed in multiple scenarios. amVoice handles the user authentication using Voice Biometrics which as a technology has evolved and attracts diverse opportunities. Many Banks and Financial institutions have already deployed a 2-factor authentication system, one of them being voice-based.

What keeps you going

“The only way to a great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

This quote applies perfectly to Uniphore, everyone loves what they do!

A vibrant leadership team, open to suggestions and change.

An amazing team with great frequency and wavelength, collaborating and willing to go the extra mile

Amazing products to offer – innovative and revolutionary making us one of a kind!

At personal front my supportive family, travel, and music keep me going.

Uniphore is hiring across functions in multiple locations. Visit our Careers Section to learn about employment opportunities. 

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