Top Challenges Faced by New-age Banking and Financial Services Institutions

Banking and Financial Services companies are in a continuous process of evolving and expanding. Their entire focus is on technology-intensive solutions to improve and optimize their revenues, functions, and most importantly, Customer Experience. The industry, as a whole, is in digital transformation mode and one who makes the digital-first move will be at an advantage. Though many disruptive technologies are hitting the market, there are many challenges that these companies face. Let us see some of the top challenges that this industry is facing. Trying to Make Money in an Uncertain Environment: The…Read more »

Top Technology Trends That Will Reshape the Banking Industry in 2018

The world is changing to digital and it is the innovation in technology that is the key to driving the change. It is not easy to innovate and it is actually a complex process. Whatever the business model is, the emerging technologies are proving to be the key driver of processes. It is the same with Banking industry as well. It has come a long way and now to grow further, the sector is cashing on technology-intensive solutions for improving and optimizing its products and solutions for better Customer Experience. Let us focus on some of…Read more »

Top 5 Ways Speech Analytics Is Helping Banks Offer Better Customer Service

Speech Analytics is crucial for businesses like banking where customer service is of utmost importance for driving better results. The latest iteration of Speech Analytics is poised to enhance the value and performance of customer interactions across the banking sector. Here’s a quick insight into how this technology has been helping the banking industry derive better business insights from customer interactions. Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis is a critical aspect of customer experience management as it provides insight into the emotion that is hidden behind the customers’ words. It analyses whether an expression is…Read more »