Top 5 Problems Faced by Contact Centers & BPOs

Contact Centers of today face multiple challenges which disrupt their operations, making them less efficient and more burdensome to run. Fortunately, the latest technologies can help them address the problems they face. It's time customer-facing teams adopt the latest technologies to address prevailing issues. In the fast-paced business world of today, customer service has never been as critical for organizations as they face increased competition, stringent regulations, and technology adoption. In a bid to stand out among the competition, organizations are seeking to ensure better customer service through their most promising channel –…Read more »

Top 5 ways Speech Analytics Helps in Standardization of Processes in Contact Centers

Alex, a contact center executive with a Life insurance company, handles a customer call and commits to something that's not part of the caller's insurance coverage. A few months later, the customer files a suit and the company must deal with a costly process to settle the issue. Incidents like this occur often, due to errors made by Contact Center agents over the phone. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to track and analyze every single call to identify the errors and avoid the damage. Most Contact Centers randomly choose a few calls for…Read more »

Enhance the competitiveness and competencies of your CX teams through Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a critical component of the contact center business because of its ability to identify important patterns and extract information from disparate data from various customer interactions. This data can be converted into actionable intelligence which can be leveraged for better Customer Experience strategies. Strengthen The Contact Center Training Backbone                   Due to its innate ability to mine and analyze audio data, Speech Analytics can detect subtle emotions, like tones in a customer’s voice,  enabling contact center agents to identify customer expectations and formulate ways to quickly resolve their issues. The tool…Read more »