Top 5 ways a POC Helps Companies Understand Conversational Analytics

Stakeholders are often compelled to scrutinize a new tech initiative from all possible angles. Initiatives are undertaken to keep the organization’s long-term goals in mind, and technological adoptions like Speech Analytics are best proven through a Proof of Concept. Here are the top 5 ways POC helps companies understand Speech Analytics: Education and exposure: For a solution like Speech Analytics, it introduces the concept and offers a first look. It helps companies understand how Speech Analytics functions and what to expect from an "Outcome" perspective. In short, the POC will provide a blueprint of…Read more »

Uniphore Wins NASSCOM AI Game Changer Awards 2018

The prestigious tech award was given to the Speech Recognition Technology-based company for innovative application in AI  Chennai, May 24, 2018: Uniphore Software Systems has been awarded the NASSCOM AI Game Changer Awards for 2018 under Speech Recognition category for its innovative Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine for language processing. The award is instituted by NASSCOM's Centre of Excellence; Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CoE-DSAI). Uniphore's award-winning innovation, ASR engine for language processing converts speech to text. This engine is trained to understand the differing accents, pronunciations and vocabulary that are common in the…Read more »

Planning to sign up for Speech Analytics? Here is our Checklist for Selecting the Right Vendor

Often, organizations select the right technology but end up selecting the wrong vendor resulting in a less than the satisfactory execution of the technology. This further leads to undesirable outcomes and mismatched results and may even dissuade management from going ahead with the full-scale implementation. Before signing up for Speech Analytics on a full-scale, it is important for organizations to have a checklist in place.  Selecting the right vendor is crucial because going with a wrong one may not only result in adverse outcomes but may put a question mark on whether the…Read more »

Factors to Consider Before Signing up for Speech Analytics

A well-known bank realized that over the last six months, the number of consumer complaints has moved up by 3X while it's rating on the ‘’Customer Satisfaction’’ survey took a beating. A quick recon divulged that the contact center of the bank was stamped with larger volumes of calls and troubled with higher agent attrition, in the said period. It was time for adopting Speech Analytics and the management finally chose a vendor out of three, for the proof of concept or POC for deep business insights from customer interactions. Instances such as…Read more »