Tapping The Potential of Speech Analytics For Cross-functional Agility

Businesses are turning to voice interactions and conversational intelligence in a big way. Digital voice mediums are becoming the norm for customer interactions. 94 percent of businesses still consider phone conversations pivotal for customer engagement efforts. Speech Analytics is a goldmine for organizations across industries to understand the customer journey, customer churn, agent performance, communication effectiveness, and more. It has become the most effective tool that delivers key insights into existing complexities across diverse business functions by mining customer interactions. Here are the few areas that are cherry-picked to understand the impact of…Read more »

How to Action Speech Analytics Insights?

Recently a reputed Telecom company made significant changes to their website which was extremely unpopular with customers. Many found navigation difficult and a barrage of calls from the customers flooded the company call centers. The company audited over 1,300 hours of audio with high-end speech analytics to find the root cause of customer ire. The findings were relayed to the Digital Marketing department who re-instated certain missed features of a webpage, adding UI value to website visitors. All this happened within a week with the help of insights from Speech Analytics. This is just one…Read more »

How insights from Conversational Analytics has the power to influence Business Outcomes

Organizations spend thousands of dollars every year to obtain customer feedback and insights through various mechanisms. Conversational Analytics provides valuable and sometimes, rare customer insights at a fraction of the cost incurred by other channels. Not surprisingly, these insights trigger decision making at the CXO level impacting business outcomes. Let us observe a few ways - Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Contact Center metrics, such as AHT, FCR, call transfer rates, contact quality, etc. define operational efficiency. Conversational Analytics segments call data and help identify reasons for the performance of each metric. This enables Contact…Read more »

Domesticating Technology is the Key to Simplifying Human Life: Umesh Sachdev

The young futurist and CEO of Uniphore spoke at TEDx Chennai on how deep tech solutions can increase the ease of living Chennai, 09 August 2018: Umesh Sachdev, CEO Uniphore Software Systems, during his TEDx speech highlighted how domesticating technology can help make human life easier. He explained how Uniphore intends to use deep tech solutions to simplify daily human life. He underlined the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the future. While speaking at the platform where the overarching theme of this edition was- the next revolution won’t be one…Read more »