We recently partnered with one of the leading insurance companies, PNB MetLife, in building ‘KhUshi’ – India’s first customer service app for Insurance powered with AI and speech recognition capabilities.  The power of customer ‘voice’ is the next frontier in customer engagement for the banking and insurance industry and akeiraTM by Uniphore is emerging as the platform-of-choice for conversational assistant apps like Khushi.
AI-enabled Conversational Assistant
Customers today have much higher expectation for customer service. There is an inevitable need for contextualized and personalized customer engagement, especially in industries such as BFSI and e-commerce. According to research conducted by Salesforce, 70% of customers expect a connected customer engagement process and 84% of customers prefer personalization for their queries rather than being treated as just another customer ID number. There is a need for personalized customer interactions for informed and unique customer experiences, based on the identification of the customers’ real intent.
Organizations such as PNB MetLife are turning to Conversational AI to enable their customer interactive strategies and deploying Conversational Assistant apps to provide instant human-like interactive assistance for customers.
From updating KYC information to premium alerts and notifications, ‘khUshi’, powered by Uniphore’s AI enabled Conversational Assistant product akeiraTM , understands the underlying real intent of PNB MetLife’s customers through the power of Conversational Analytics and provides contextual responses based on in-built natural language processing (NLP) capabilities in akeiraTM. Instead of browsing through endless content and insurance FAQs, customers can have a quick chat with khUshi to get contextual responses to specific questions. We are excited to see customer adoption of ‘KhUshi’. In fact, ‘KhUshi’ within one month of its launch has seen over 7K downloads with a 4.6 rating in Google Playstore.
Meet akeiraTM
akeiraTM is designed to deliver seamless human-to-machine customer service interactions. It comes with a premium self-service interface to provide quick and real-time information with a human-like conversational experience.
akeiraTM also enables a smooth transition to an AI-driven intuitive voice interface for customer engagement as needed. It is highly scalable and compatible with IVR based customer service and mobile platforms. In-built conversational security ensures high levels of security and data privacy for all transactional activities and customer information. AI-enabled Conversational Assistants such as akeiraTM are becoming a key differentiator in customer service. The technology has moved beyond the novelty factor and limited intelligence seen in the first generation of chatbots and virtual assistants. Businesses across industries such as E-Commerce, Travel, Retail and BFSI are now relying on virtual assistants to deliver a premium self-service experience.
Conversational assistants like KhUshi will be the cornerstone for tomorrow’s customer service. Digital savvy customers are looking for smart, instant and seamless service engagement journeys with a human connect. akeiraTM makes that possible and delivers personalized customer service experience with a human-like conversational connect.
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