DIRECTV collaborates with Uniphore, Salesforce and others to boost call center performance

DIRECTV collaborates with Uniphore, Salesforce and others to boost call center performance

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JAS220x147With the swipe of a fingertip, today’s sophisticated consumers are eager to adopt the latest and greatest technology or to take advantage of the most competitive price plan. Using their mobile devices or smartphones, they are ready to contact customer service anytime, anyplace.  In order to provide quality level of customer service, call center agents require the ability to support complex plan changes, product inquiries, billing issues and technical support.  As a result, Telcos need to improve system efficiency or face degrading the customer service experience.

Boost Call Center Performance:

This is the challenge that faced DIRECTV.  Providing satellite television service to millions of customers in the U.S. and Latin America, it’s a safe bet to say that the phones are always ringing at DIRECTV’s three outsourced call centers.

In a recent article on, DIRECTV CIO Mike Benson explains how their newly developed Sales CRM has transformed their call centers from inefficiently run operations to centers of excellence.

The old systems consisted of multiple disparate tools and process – there was no workflow and no consolidated customer records.  “If you started the sales process and then hung up to check with your wife, the next time you called in, you’d be routed to a different call center and a different agent and none of that original information would have been captured,” said Benson.

Realizing that a change was in order, Benson and his staff collaborated with business operations to develop an integrated Sales and CRM system that boasts a reduced call handle time of 2.5 minutes, increased the percentage of call that result in sales, and also reduced agent training time.

Using Uniphore for workflow management, for lead tracking and Informatica for data synchronization, the new CRM system has improved productivity and cut operating costs for DIRECTV all while keeping the customers happy.

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