Bringing Visual IVR Customers to Digital Interactions

Bringing Visual IVR Customers to Digital Interactions

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One of the things that we hear and see frequently is that many organizations tend to have two groups within, both kind of oriented toward “How can we engage customers and get them to self-serve?” There’s the digital side that’s responsible for the web and mobile app, and then there’s the voice side that’s responsible for the Interactive Voice Response and the natural language. And unfortunately, it’s like these are two separate groups, and they develop their own solutions, and when they do, they leave customers with a very disconnected and, frankly, a very different experience based on which one they engage in.

So somehow or another, in order for companies to truly bridge the gap, they need to find a technology, a solution, and an approach that marries them both. What I mean by that is, you need to take your digital experience to your customers in the voice channel. And only when you do that will you start engaging customers throughout their entire journey. There are companies out there [such as Uniphore] that provide this technology, and the companies that find this technology and implement it are going to reap the benefits of higher self-service and improved customer satisfaction, which is what all of us are shooting for. We hear it consistently. We hope you’ll make that journey.

Uniphore solutions are that technology.

[About the author] Dylon Mills is the Director of Marketing Content Strategy & Development at Uniphore. As such, Dylon’s main responsibilities are to strategize, create, and deliver content for Uniphore’s product portfolio that aligns with the global Go-To-Market strategy, corporate positioning, and marketing campaigns. Dylon’s prior work experience includes Product Management at one of the top Fortune 500 Technology companies, Symantec Corporation. Outside of work, Dylon enjoys problem-solving and any project that includes building/tinkering with tools. Dylon holds a BS Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.

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