Call Center Automation: Your First RPA Use Case

Call Center Automation: Your First RPA Use Case

Password Vault RPA Use Case

Ready to add automation into your call center and not sure where to get started? With all the automation potential for today’s contact centers, we often see that password management is at the top of the list. We see this in our personal lives, and in our contact centers, as we struggle with dozens or more usernames and passwords to remember. Now imagine the headaches of working in an environment that requires an agent to maintain hundreds of logins? We see this pain time and time again.

Contact Center RPA Use Cases:

Automating the password management process heals this pain and gives agents the freedom they need to deliver an experience that customers expect. That freedom comes in the form of time – less time remembering and resetting hundreds of passwords while the customer is on hold, and more time for the customer experience. In fact, we commonly see results like:

  • As much as 1.5 hours per day saved per agent in complex contact centers
  • Increased employee engagement and overall satisfaction
  • Reduce pre-shift task time by 80%
  • 100% compliance with password security compliance
  • 10 fewer Advils taken per agent per month
  • Up to 5 fewer antacids per week per supervisor

Ha! All kidding aside, the heartburn associated with passwords is serious. First, the security aspect is daunting. Contact centers around the world often see password “systems” as advanced as paper and pencil, sticky notes on monitors, rogue spreadsheets on the desktop and even secret notepad sessions on agent’s smartphones. Can you believe it? Second, security meets flexibility as tools allow a bot to safely and securely logs agents into the required systems on each call. With this flexibility, contact center agents make fewer mistakes, fewer security violations, and an overall decrease in average handle time.

So as you look for your first RPA use case in the contact center, look no further than this massive pain point.

Like to see how PSCU resolved their password problems using a desktop bot? Check out this video and see “RPA in Customer Service Done Right.

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