auMina QSense™: Driving Actionable Insights to Enhance Workforce Performance

Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people management, performance enhancement, and process optimization programs. Deloitte’s “2018 Global Human Capital Trends” survey found that 72% of C-level executives had immense faith in the potential of AI to improve productivity and performance, but only 31% had the confidence of deploying it effectively to improve workforce optimization and performance management. Many still rely on manual quality checks and training for agent performance enhancement and compliance adherence. AI-First organizations are moving ahead with workflow and process re-design to leverage the self-learning…Read more »

Speech Analytics Market is at an Inflection Point

The Conversational Analytics market in the US is seeing a paradigm shift. The market has evolved from basic reporting of parameters and dashboards to churning contextual and cognitive business insights leading to better customer service, customer engagement journey and experiences. Conversational intelligence will go beyond near-human interactions to human-like engagement. From bringing smart conversions, to improved customer service, to seamless customer engagement journey and delivering better customer experiences, AI augmented conversational analytics is starting to deliver real business outcomes.   Enterprises would like to discover valuable insights from their vast customer voice and conversational…Read more »
Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational AI is expected to transform the customer service engagement journey. Whether it is in operations or deep analytics, Conversational AI is poised to be both an enabler and disruptor of how customer service is delivered. Conversational Assistant is becoming more human-like in engaging in intelligent dialogue with customers. Conversational Analytics is enabling organizations to know their customer better. With advances in conversational analytics enabling companies to understand their customer sentiments, emotions and behavior, industries with complex customer service journeys such as banking, insurance, health care, e-commerce, and hospitality are adopting conversational analytics…Read more »

Opus Report 2018: Enabling Seamless CX is the Top Most Reason for Deploying Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics has moved away from the must-have list to mainstream acceptance with 82% deployment across Opus Research respondents. Even among the non-adherents, almost 48% were ready for deployment within 6 months to 1 year. But the goal posts have been shifting with an organizational focus on improving customer experiences driving Speech Analytics adoption. Compliance needs that were touted as one of the main reasons for deployment is yesterday’s news. Now, number of businesses are adopting Speech Analytics to empower customer journeys, marketing efforts, employee training, and cost efficiencies. Primary Reason to Deploy…Read more »

Tips to Harness the Power of Conversational Analytics During the Early Stage of Deployment

Scott Belsky, co-founder of online portfolio platform Behance Inc said, “It is not about ideas, but it’s about making ideas happen.” Speech Analytics have become a mainstay industry solution since 2002 and has clocked a double digit growth trajectory. It is expected to be a $2.17 billion industry by 2022. But it has to be noted that Speech Analytics is not a just plug-and-play solution. Organizations cannot expect immediate answers by installing analytics capabilities. The starting phase of deployment is extremely critical in fine-tuning and audit of Speech Analytics platform to create quality…Read more »

Gearing up for Speech Analytics Deployment? Here is What You Need to Know

The speech Analytics market share has seen exponential growth in recent years – with just 24 implementations in 2004 to a market valuation of $0.81 billion in 2017. It is expected to clock a CAGR of 28.3 percent in the coming decade. From basic providers matching phonetics to new innovative offerings based on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and social media analytics continue to bring enterprise-wide benefits across diverse domains. Undoubtedly, Speech analytics is sold as an elixir for growth or a magic bullet that can kick-start innovation across the organization. Conservative estimates point out…Read more »

Tapping The Potential of Speech Analytics For Cross-functional Agility

Businesses are turning to voice interactions and conversational intelligence in a big way. Digital voice mediums are becoming the norm for customer interactions. 94 percent of businesses still consider phone conversations pivotal for customer engagement efforts. Speech Analytics is a goldmine for organizations across industries to understand the customer journey, customer churn, agent performance, communication effectiveness, and more. It has become the most effective tool that delivers key insights into existing complexities across diverse business functions by mining customer interactions. Here are the few areas that are cherry-picked to understand the impact of…Read more »

How to Action Speech Analytics Insights?

Recently a reputed Telecom company made significant changes to their website which was extremely unpopular with customers. Many found navigation difficult and a barrage of calls from the customers flooded the company call centers. The company audited over 1,300 hours of audio with high-end speech analytics to find the root cause of customer ire. The findings were relayed to the Digital Marketing department who re-instated certain missed features of a webpage, adding UI value to website visitors. All this happened within a week with the help of insights from Speech Analytics. This is just one…Read more »

How insights from Conversational Analytics has the power to influence Business Outcomes

Organizations spend thousands of dollars every year to obtain customer feedback and insights through various mechanisms. Conversational Analytics provides valuable and sometimes, rare customer insights at a fraction of the cost incurred by other channels. Not surprisingly, these insights trigger decision making at the CXO level impacting business outcomes. Let us observe a few ways - Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Contact Center metrics, such as AHT, FCR, call transfer rates, contact quality, etc. define operational efficiency. Conversational Analytics segments call data and help identify reasons for the performance of each metric. This enables Contact…Read more »

Top 5 ways a POC Helps Companies Understand Conversational Analytics

Stakeholders are often compelled to scrutinize a new tech initiative from all possible angles. Initiatives are undertaken to keep the organization’s long-term goals in mind, and technological adoptions like Speech Analytics are best proven through a Proof of Concept. Here are the top 5 ways POC helps companies understand Speech Analytics: Education and exposure: For a solution like Speech Analytics, it introduces the concept and offers a first look. It helps companies understand how Speech Analytics functions and what to expect from an "Outcome" perspective. In short, the POC will provide a blueprint of…Read more »