Planning to sign up for Speech Analytics? Here is our Checklist for Selecting the Right Vendor

Often, organizations select the right technology but end up selecting the wrong vendor resulting in a less than the satisfactory execution of the technology. This further leads to undesirable outcomes and mismatched results and may even dissuade management from going ahead with the full-scale implementation. Before signing up for Speech Analytics on a full-scale, it is important for organizations to have a checklist in place.  Selecting the right vendor is crucial because going with a wrong one may not only result in adverse outcomes but may put a question mark on whether the…Read more »

Factors to Consider Before Signing up for Speech Analytics

A well-known bank realized that over the last six months, the number of consumer complaints has moved up by 3X while it's rating on the ‘’Customer Satisfaction’’ survey took a beating. A quick recon divulged that the contact center of the bank was stamped with larger volumes of calls and troubled with higher agent attrition, in the said period. It was time for adopting Speech Analytics and the management finally chose a vendor out of three, for the proof of concept or POC for deep business insights from customer interactions. Instances such as…Read more »

Top 5 Problems Faced by Contact Centers & BPOs

Contact Centers of today face multiple challenges which disrupt their operations, making them less efficient and more burdensome to run. Fortunately, the latest technologies can help them address the problems they face. It's time customer-facing teams adopt the latest technologies to address prevailing issues. In the fast-paced business world of today, customer service has never been as critical for organizations as they face increased competition, stringent regulations, and technology adoption. In a bid to stand out among the competition, organizations are seeking to ensure better customer service through their most promising channel –…Read more »

Top 5 ways Speech Analytics Helps in Standardization of Processes in Contact Centers

Alex, a contact center executive with a Life insurance company, handles a customer call and commits to something that's not part of the caller's insurance coverage. A few months later, the customer files a suit and the company must deal with a costly process to settle the issue. Incidents like this occur often, due to errors made by Contact Center agents over the phone. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to track and analyze every single call to identify the errors and avoid the damage. Most Contact Centers randomly choose a few calls for…Read more »

Enhance the competitiveness and competencies of your CX teams through Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a critical component of the contact center business because of its ability to identify important patterns and extract information from disparate data from various customer interactions. This data can be converted into actionable intelligence which can be leveraged for better Customer Experience strategies. Strengthen The Contact Center Training Backbone                   Due to its innate ability to mine and analyze audio data, Speech Analytics can detect subtle emotions, like tones in a customer’s voice,  enabling contact center agents to identify customer expectations and formulate ways to quickly resolve their issues. The tool…Read more »

Technology Trends That Will Reshape Insurance Industry in 2018

The insurance industry has been rapidly evolving, thanks to the connected technologies that have been the key driving force. Latest developments in the insurance sector, such as speech analytics, robotic automation, and chat-bots, as well as IoT, have brought a paradigm shift in the way, service providers have improved their offerings for customers. With many technology-driven innovations stepping in, this growth will soon pave the way to enhanced services for customers, needless to say, end users would get benefited the most. Here are few of the noteworthy technology trends that will reshape the…Read more »

Top 5 Ways Speech Analytics Is Helping Insurance Companies Offer Better Customer Service

The products and services offered by different companies across the insurance sector are almost identical, but what predominantly differentiates a good insurance company from its competitors is Customer Experience. It is crucial for every insurance company to listen to the feedback from their potential and current customers and understand their concerns. The best way to achieve customer satisfaction is the integration of the Speech Analytics for business insights from customer interactions. For stakeholders who are skeptical about the far-fetched potential that Speech Analytics has, here are few ways in which every insurance company can…Read more »

Top Challenges Faced by Insurance Companies in Customer Service

The challenges faced by insurance companies today are operational, cultural, and market-related. The modernization, technological advancements, and regulatory changes are forcing these companies to change the way they have been operating their business so far. Customer Experience is emerging as ‘make or break a deal’ for insurers. Those players who have invested in technological tools have an upper hand and this puts a lot of pressure on the others to adopt these technological tools. Here are few of the challenges that are faced by the insurance sector in customer service and how they…Read more »

Top Challenges Faced by New-age Banking and Financial Services Institutions

Banking and Financial Services companies are in a continuous process of evolving and expanding. Their entire focus is on technology-intensive solutions to improve and optimize their revenues, functions, and most importantly, Customer Experience. The industry, as a whole, is in digital transformation mode and one who makes the digital-first move will be at an advantage. Though many disruptive technologies are hitting the market, there are many challenges that these companies face. Let us see some of the top challenges that this industry is facing. Trying to Make Money in an Uncertain Environment: The…Read more »

Top Technology Trends That Will Reshape the Banking Industry in 2018

The world is changing to digital and it is the innovation in technology that is the key to driving the change. It is not easy to innovate and it is actually a complex process. Whatever the business model is, the emerging technologies are proving to be the key driver of processes. It is the same with Banking industry as well. It has come a long way and now to grow further, the sector is cashing on technology-intensive solutions for improving and optimizing its products and solutions for better Customer Experience. Let us focus on some of…Read more »