Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational AI is expected to transform the customer service engagement journey. Whether it is in operations or deep analytics, Conversational AI is poised to be both an enabler and disruptor of how customer service is delivered. Conversational Assistant is becoming more human-like in engaging in intelligent dialogue with customers. Conversational Analytics is enabling organizations to know their customer better. With advances in conversational analytics enabling companies to understand their customer sentiments, emotions and behavior, industries with complex customer service journeys such as banking, insurance, health care, e-commerce, and hospitality are adopting conversational analytics…Read more »

5 Industries that Can Benefit from Speech Analytics in a Big Way

Automation of data capture and analysis reduces operational complexity, and thus improves margins. Naturally, as part of the effort toward understanding the customers better, speech data from service calls should be able to help organizations add a new dimension to enterprise analytics. Using the additional component of voice, industries like Retail, Banking, Telecom and others can add depth to their analytics. It is also possible to transform services to voice-based menus once machines can understand human language. As the technology can be designed to mine intricate data such as words, dialects, emotional responses, and…Read more »

This is How Speech Recognition Can Help Save Dollars for Companies

According to a recently conducted survey, 57% companies said they expect speech analytics as a technology to increase sales and collections. This is expected due to the greater volume of data mined from calls, which will allow the organization to implement automation to some degree. They can also discover opportunities and identify the shortcomings in customer service, and then respond quickly to market needs. Why cost matters so much Customer service is a vital part of consumer businesses like Finance, Manufacturing, and Sales. But for millions of callers, even hundreds of thousands of…Read more »

Trends Affecting Global Acceptance of Speech Recognition Products

Speech Recognition technology is a disruptive trendsetter in retail, finance and other consumer-based industries. Internationally, the market for the technology is estimated to grow up to 1.6 billion by 2020 according to Markets and Markets. Versatility of Speech Analytics As it is relatively easier for machines to gain awareness on and decipher between hundreds of languages, Speech Recognition technology is playing a key role in multinational companies. This extends beyond consumers and everyday shoppers. In India, for example, where its massive agriculture industry is still in need of a modern setup, speech analytics…Read more »

How Will Customer Service Look Like 5 Years Down the Line: 5 Futuristic Trends

Delivering customer service at the lowest possible cost for years can give the necessary edge to a contact center. However, this requires a long-term strategy and focus on relevant technologies. Across industries, one sees the need to switch to a less people-dependent end-to-end process. Based on the logic we humans use, machines may be used to build their own intelligence from data in the near future. Within the next five to ten years, interactive tasks will become much more efficient than we are used to seeing around us. Here are five developments worth…Read more »

How Speech Recognition Technologies Can Help Your Brand to be Digitally Omnipresent

Technology in contact centers evolves based on two primary factors: what enables a more seamless customer experience and what decreases the cost of delivering it. Remote services need to be equipped with mediums, such as mobile apps, social-media integrated platforms, and automated customer-service modules, which are now some new avenues that contact centers are taking to make operations cheaper and expand their reach. Speech Recognition and Biometric Authentication Like a fingerprint, every human voice has a unique signature which can help machines to identify people. For callers trying to reach contact centers, voice-based…Read more »

5 Disruptive Technologies Changing the Face of Contact Centers Worldwide

A contact center is a powerful source of knowledge on what customers need, feel, and how they relate to a brand. The information generated from every interaction is a rich source of information. Processing it relevantly is vital for companies to take decisive action to ultimately improve business outcomes. Technologies in contact centers over the last three decades have changed considerably. The early days saw the emergence of auto dialers, computer telephony, and campaign management software. More recently, Voice & Speech Recognition software and Biometrics, cloud integration and remote execution are making waves.…Read more »

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The New Normals for Speech Recognition

With each passing day, millions of people use applications that interact with machines through various media including voice. An efficient Speech Recognition (SR) program has the ability to transform enterprises for business gains, but the limited scope and accuracy of such software in the past has been an Achilles heel for developers and scientists. Unreliability was often the major talking point in the past when it came to Speech Recognition tools. However, the proactive use of technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) have together changed the face of Speech Recognition…Read more »

Why Scaling is a Challenge in Speech Recognition without AI and ML

Speech Recognition is today one of the most widely used technologies in multiple offerings. From conversational chatbots and Speech Analytics software to CX interface, the applications of Speech Recognition technology are multifold. The rise in the popularity of Speech Recognition can be pinned down to the proactive use of Artificial Intelligence backed by Machine Learning and Data Learning capabilities. While work in the field of Speech Recognition has been going on for decades, the success rates have witnessed a surge only with the implementation of AI and ML functionalities. For example, Speech Recognition…Read more »

Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology – Industry Wise

As a formidable form of communication, the need for harnessing Speech has gained huge traction over the last decade or so. Speech Recognition technology has grown leaps and bounds, offering intelligent solutions to the likes of individuals and enterprises. Speech Analytics is one such tool which helps business organizations make a new foray into understanding the “Customer’s Voice”. This blog is designed to help executives and decision makers confidently choose and deploy Speech Analytics to gain deeper insights into mining customer interactions. Benefits of Speech Analytics for Enterprises 1) BFSI: Sales Analysis |…Read more »