What’s Trending in the World of Voice Biometrics

Biometrics authentication is widely used today as a form of identification. This authentication, recognition, or identification is based on certain physiological or behavioral characteristics. To determine the identity of a person using Biometric identification, any or a combination of these physiological or behavioral characteristics are compared to the sample saved in the database. These characteristics can be fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scans, hand geometry, voice sample etc. Biometric technology is fast gaining grounds and within this technology, Voice Biometrics is trending due to the flexible and software-based nature. If you are thinking that…Read more »

How Does Voice Biometrics Work?

Using voice biometrics to authenticate if the person is who he/she is claiming to be is very much in use these days.  What Exactly Is Voice Biometrics? In this technology, a phrase spoken by a person is captured by a sophisticated system and is then compared with the previously stored voiceprint. All this happens simultaneously while a person is speaking. Identifying a person by voice is a complex task. This is because the voice is influenced by scores of factors, which can be physical or behavioral. The voiceprint is algorithmically derived and this algorithm…Read more »

Why Voice Biometrics is the Future of Information Security in Banking

The digital world is going through drastic changes with each technology being either replaced or evolved in minuscule of time and banking or the financial sector is no different. These sectors are deploying new and innovative solutions on a daily basis to ensure safety, security, and engagement of their customers. One of the basic aims of digitization for the financial institutions was to improve the simplicity of banking. When internet banking was introduced, it was seen as providing banking at fingertips to the people from the comforts of their home or on the…Read more »

Why Tackling Online Fraud is Important for Contact Centre Operations Today

For all its positive attributes as a game changer in the digital world, technology also has a dark underbelly to it. Growing advancements in technology are being used by fraudsters and scammers to use more sophisticated tools to extract sensitive user information. Traditionally, call center employees are trained to provide excellent customer service. Hence, fraud detection has not always been high on their agenda. However, fraudsters today are increasingly targeting call centers of a majority of retailers, financial institutions, and other high-value targets. Here are some tangible and intangible implications for an enterprise…Read more »

6 ways auMina and amVoice can help your organization combat online fraud

To brace against online fraud involving call center operations, enterprises are ensuring their call center defense is more secure. Evolving from the usage of traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, call centers today are using advanced solutions like Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics to ensure fraudulent activities are negated. Uniphore's Speech Analytics solution ‘auMina’ and its Voice Biometrics solutions 'amVoice' are just such Speech Recognition offerings helping enterprises tackle the menace of contact center frauds by safeguarding consumer data. Key Features of auMina - Speech Analytics 1: 100% coverage of calls in multiple languages:…Read more »

Latest Trends and News: Online Fraud Prevention

Online frauds not only impact enterprises and governments but also increase the risk quotient for the common man. Preventing such cyber attacks is increasingly becoming a big challenge and a definite priority for security experts and governments. Here are some developments and trends that have shaped the cyber security world in the recent past. News and trends Ransom ware attacks to intensify on medical records: Earlier this year, malware attacks, including the ransom ware variant popularly known as ‘WannaCry’, infected a large number of systems including the National Health Service (NHS) in the…Read more »

What Makes Voice Biometrics the Best Alternative to Conventional Channels of Authentication

The field of Biometrics has witnessed a sea of development over the last few decades owing to the unique benefits and the fool-proof authentication solution it offers. Once considered a niche field, Biometrics-based authentication and verification channels have become a name to reckon with. They are slowly but steadily replacing the conventional modes of validating the identity of the user. What is Voice Biometrics? It is a technology aided process where the “voiceprint” of a user is recorded and stored to be matched and verified later as an authentication procedure. The voiceprint of…Read more »

The Multi-Fold Benefits of Deploying Voice Biometrics for Enterprises

The field of Biometrics has been reshaping the way enterprises simplify and secure critical information and offer access solutions to customers and users. Voice Biometrics has paved way for hassle-free authentication of users, in a fool-proof manner. What makes Voice Biometrics fool-proof? The voice characteristics of every human are exclusive, making it a unique proposition for businesses to use this trait of speech to verify and provide access to users. The algorithm-driven voice-based biometrics is secure and offers non-compromising solutions for the organization. The system validates the characteristics in the natural speech to…Read more »

Voice Biometrics – A fool-proof Way to Authenticate Users

The need to secure virtual data is getting challenging by each passing day. With the ever-increasing threat to critical information such as customer data, IT managers are exploring newer technologies to secure the infrastructure. A “fallout” is most likely to occur at the authentication level. There have been hundreds of instances where access to systems was compromised by impersonators and fraudsters after gaining unauthorized access. This proliferation has led to losses of millions of dollars and legal hassles, that are best not discussed. For the organization, these instances often lead to down gradation…Read more »

Comparison of 4 Biometrics Technologies – Voice, Fingerprint, Iris, Face

A leading information security publication claims that a whopping 17.2 million debit and credit cards had to reissued by 58 member institutions at an estimated spend of $172 million in the wake of data breach at a leading American retail company! Why did this happen?   The reason is astoundingly simple: customer information along with their sensitive debit / credit card details were leaked (or stolen)!   Customer bank account security aspects were entrusted to digital characters and numbers that can easily be copied, transferred and reused with or without the consent from…Read more »
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