Conversational Service Automation in the BPO Industry

Conversational Service Automation in the BPO Industry

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All research points to the irrefutable fact – customer experience shall overtake price and product as the single biggest brand differentiator in 2020. Customers are unhappy that a broken, automated system is not able to listen to their voice. Brands are getting self-conscious that they are not able to serve the customers and fear losing the customers to the competition.

So here we are in 2020 and we can see that the Business Process Outsourcing industry is at the crossroads of customer service, technology and business processes. But this industry has been unchanged for decades now. Though the winds of change are inevitably moving in the direction of this industry. The $350 Billion customer service industry is ripe for disruption and the BPOs are bang in the middle of it. Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI are today a force to be reckoned with and it’s causing a major upheaval and disruption in the BPO industry.

Therein lies the caveat. Quick-fix solutions that promise everything but deliver very less just won’t make the cut. Offering a generic impersonal brand experience will only leave the customer unsatisfied and make him look for alternatives. Within the BPO industry there are still silos, inadequate knowledge bases, inability to retrieve information when needed and scant understanding of customer intent and expectations. So, what is the solution? It is an AI-powered platform called Conversational Service Automation which makes sense of every customer conversation to give you actionable insights.

Conversational Service Automation to make a difference to BPOs

Conversational Service Automation is an AI-powered platform to take care of all your Contact Center front-office needs in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. The unique platform holistically combines the power of voice, AI, machine learning and Robotic Process Automation to truly hear what the customer service agents are missing in the first place. The digital agents will be working alongside call-center humans to radically boost productivity and customer experience.  Thus, it is the start of a new age of evolving human-technology partnership, made possible by the power of Conversational Service Automation.

This radical shift in Business Process Outsourcing showcases the power of tools and technologies moving from “obedient servants” to “creative collaborators”. Let’s face it, humans just aren’t designed for certain things. Like repetitive process work, time-consuming mundane tasks, real-time multi-tasking, follow-up, even listening. And being human, we are prone to error. Human agents need to focus on tasks only humans can do – like focusing 100% on the customer conversation, empathizing with them, and efficiently resolving their problem.

All other mundane tasks are handled simultaneously by the digital agents and AI. What this means for the Business Process Outsourcing industry is that a digital agent on the Conversational Service Automation platform can take over simple transactional conversations which shouldn’t require a human agent in the first place. And yet for more complex and time-consuming conversations it can assist the human agents. The Conversational Automation & Analytics can handle all mundane tasks such as looking up information, filling out forms, writing summaries or taking notes, and so on.

The Conversational Service Automation platform can as well make suggestions during a call, proactively look up information, take actions or create a post-call summary. A powerful Conversational Service Automation has the unique ability to listen for language, specific dialects, detect and analyze customer emotion, and predict true intent, all in real-time.

It is also possible that this AI-powered Conversational Service Automation platform lets you uncover trends and insights no one else can. Like how many customers might churn, buy something new, or display interest in one product over another. While doing this, the same AI is also live monitoring, mentoring and coaching human agents.

Technology should adapt to humans. Not the other way around. Conversation is the new consumer interface. And people need the freedom of choice to have a customer service conversation with a brand. A Conversational Service Automation based Virtual Assistant is agnostic to the channel customers elect to interact on: it could be started through chat, then continued on a website, Alexa or a call center. Regardless, the tool can manage that complexity and the experience is seamless across mediums. Now, that’s a win-win situation for the Business Process Outsourcing industry as well as the customers that they service.

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You can also get in touch with Uniphore to learn how your brand can benefit from Conversational Service Automation.


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